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The Missouri Record is an independent journal of politics and policy dedicated to stimulating a free-and-open debate about the political ideas facing Missouri and to promote freedom and self-government.

We encourage the submission of exclusive, unpublished letters and guest commentary.  To do so, please contact us at editor@missourirecord.com.

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What people are saying about The Missouri Record:

[The Missouri Record] is becoming one of the best reads in Missouri politics.

--Dave Catanese, KY3 News (via Twitter)

While The Record is forthrightly conservative, there is an aroma of independence of mind that does not normally waft up from my computer screen when I'm reading an Internet publication.  Good work.

--Woody Cozad

The Missouri Record could be one of the best places to read up on state wide issues without the cultural war circus that makes most discussions useless.

--Tony Botello, Tony's Kansas City 

The Missouri Record is more surprising than overtly partisan sites such as Fired Up! Missouri and the Source.

 --David Martin, The Pitch

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The Missouri Record will become the place where Missourians visit to read the best  political and policy commentary in the Show-Me State.

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