A Response to Sen. McCaskill

November 9, 2010 01:15 PM

By Paul Hamby

This week, Senator McCaskill told Missourinet that Democrats did not communicate their message well in 2010.  She may be correct since most Democrats running for re-election flat out hid from their big government message. 

However, it cannot be said that Missourians did not communicate their own message well.

  • Senator, we told you not to support Obamacare, you voted for it anyway.  
  • Senator, we told you to oppose stimulus spending, bailouts and Cash For Clunkers and you voted for them anyway.
  • Senator, we told you to reign in deficit spending and you voted to increase the national debt.
  • Senator, we told you that we want local control of our schools and you gave us a new top-down federal program, Race to the Top.
  • Senator, we told you to audit the Federal Reserve Bank and you refused. 

Is it any surprise that on November 2 voters soundly rejected the your party's agenda?

I predict the 2012 elections will be much the same as in 2010.  Not because you can’t market your liberal philosophy, but because you pretend to listen to the people of Missouri, then go back to Washington and vote with Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Obama.

Senator McCaskill, you are on probation for the next two years.  Your employment may be terminated on November 6, 2012.  We will be watching how you communicate and how you vote.

Paul Hamby
Maysville Missouri

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Reader Comments (3)
Paul, great letter. But with a record like that, as for me, I conclude that she does not listen to us but to Harry Ried. She is not on probation. She is done.
11/13/2010 9:32:57 AM  David Linton  , Fenton
I agree with everything Paul says in his response to McCaskill...great letter...but I do have one correction. We don't have Race to the Top in Missouri, but rather the "Vision for Missouri Public Education". It is just as egregious as RTTT with the "transformations" schools will be experiencing in the next few years. We are now tied together with other states for our languagearts/English and math curriculum when our State Board of Education (appointed officials) signed onto Common Core standards. Taxpayers have no idea how much these new mandates will cost. As we are in a budget deficit in Missouri, I am going to ask a simple question--how are we going to pay for these federal mandates? And a second question--why did our State Board of Education sign away Missouri's sovereign right to educate her children to the Federal government? It would be interesting to hear McCaskill's response as a federal politician to answer why she thinks the federal government should be assuming states' duties. missourieducationwatchdog.com
11/10/2010 8:02:49 AM  Gretchen Logue  , St. Louis
Sen. McCaskill, We also opposed the HATE Crimes legislation and were told that you not only supported it, but were a sponsor! How far did you think you could push while supporting the Obama agenda without reaping a harvest? This is it...we are searching for replacement and hope you can see the "writing on the wall".
11/9/2010 10:20:27 PM  Eva Owen  , Troy

It cannot be said that Missourians did not communicate their own message well [to Democrats].

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