On the Border War

January 17, 2013 12:00 PM

By the Readers

To the editor,

Missouri had at least two opportunities to win the Border War with Kansas: HJR8 and HJR56. Rep. Ed Emery and Andrew Koenig and Sen. Chuck Purgason all attempted to put Missouri ahead of both Kansas and Tennessee. Our legislators listened to lobbyist who cried doom and gloom promising that we would loose business to Kansas if the proposed tax structure was passed. Here is what was sent at the time to our legislators at the time. It's long but if you read it, you will realize that our legislators are to blame for the current bleeding of Missouri jobs into Kansas.

Is Missouri staying competitive in its ability to grow business and compete within the nation for business dollars? You decide:

  • Missouri Job Growth is third from last among its nine surrounding states.
  • It ranks second from last among its six border states in Private Sector Job Growth.
  • According to the Kauffman Index, Missouri is next to last in New Business Creation.
  • The Midwest Region is the slowest growing region in the country with Missouri ranking last within the region.
  • Missouri ranks 33/50 in Personal Income Per Capita Growth. Personal income per capita reflects the state's standard of living.
  • Missouri has the second lowest growth in GDP compared of its nine surrounding states. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is the value of all goods and services produced within the state.
  • Missouri's GDP is 10.5% less than the national GDP. (1995-2005).
Could Missouri improve its performance? Yes. Pass HJR 8 Missouri Jobs and Prosperity Act
  • Grow Missouri's GDP by $438.6 Billion dollars over a twenty-five year period.
  • According to Rich States Poor States ALEC-Laffer State Economic Competitiveness Index, During the past ten years, if Missouri had just caught up with the average of the states with no income tax, the average Missouri resident's income would be more than $12,000 higher.
  • Bring 20,000 new jobs a year for next ten years.

Passing HJR 8 would create the business environment needed for economic growth.

Hold legislators accountable to the people, not to high priced lobbyist who so far have held Missouri way back in the economic competition for jobs, businesses and tax dollars. Their lack of foresight is why Kansas is sitting back on its heels enjoying their new wealth while we watch more tax dollars and jobs slide across the border.

Beverly Martin
Missouri FairTax

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